strong bad rules

i was going to place a picture of my new and legal license plate on the blog but i ran into a small problem. i watched the strong bad email and the thnikkaman and that has completely dumbfounded me. i can’t figure our what the thnikkaman is and at the very same time i am enamored by him. i want to know more about him, even though i think he is basically stupid. if you haven’t watched it yet you should go watch the new strong bad email @ i think it is quite funny.

i have a new lackey whose name is alan lusk. many of you know who alan is already. well he has joined the bunch at parkview and will now be around all the time to join in the fun. you can email alan @

i vacummed out my car this afternoon and then washed the carpet in it. i decided to leave the windows open to let it air out after washing the carpets. of course, while it was “airing” out it had to rain and therefore i had to roll the windows up. this means that tomorrow when i enter the car it will smell all mildewed and the carpet will need to be washed again.

on a final note, the church is painting the student ministry suite today and tomorrow. it is gray and should look nice.

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