nancy regan says “just say no”

i’m glad that i don’t do drugs (i mean beside caffeine and a serious love for naprosyn as a pain reliever). this was confirmed today by the hangover that i am now experiencing form the epoxy fumes that have been in the youth ministry office all day today. this week we have had the two back doors within the youth ministry office closed off. this means that dry wall has been placed over the hole where the doors were and it is all being mudded and painted now. before the painters could paint the wall they had to put texture on it. the texture comes in a can and it releases tons of noxious fumes. within a minute the whole suite was engulfed in these fumes. in stead of being smart and finding something to do outside the room i decided to stick it out. of course, this meant that i was pretty much “huffing” the fumes for the hour i was in there. everytime i took a breathe i was basically sniffing modeling glue and anyone who has ever watched the movie “airplane” knows that’s not a good thing to do.

i finally decided i had had too much of the whole thing and walked outside. i suddenly realized that i was definitely too dizzy to be walking anyway. it probably looked really good having the youth minister walk out of his study looking like a drunk. i couldn’t have walked a straight line if i had been stopped by police. anyway, now my head is killing me and i’m having a wonderful conversation with a large pink elephant named “fred.”

with this said don’t do drugs! they’re bad for you. and stay away from texture can fumes. they’re bad for you to.

i think i need some aleve (naprosyn) now.

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