almost caught

today was a little scary. as the two people who actually read this blog know (hey mom and dad) i give a different name to the cashier every time i eat at rasin cane’s. i’ve been doing this since january 3, 2001 the first day i ate at a cane’s restaurant. that’s over three years of false names and never once has anybody ever noticed that i had given them a fictitious name. that is until today.

today i went to cane’s and gave them the name “humphrey.” unfortunately, the cashier that was taken my order was not a real good speller. she asked me how to spell “humphrey” and then said “i’ll just look at your card.” of course, when she looked at the card she became confused as to why my card would say “robert a. terrell” instead of �humphrey.� she then began to question me about the whole thing. i have never realized how hard it is to prove that you are yourself, after you’ve lied about what your name is.

it was a very disturbing day.

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