i don’t like the way diane sawyer does interviews. i just finished watching the interview between her and mel gibson and i’m fed up. i really try to not be one of those people who just assume something is great because the name of CHRIST is attached to it. i personally think that allot of junk has been sold using CHRIST’s name and personally i think this is offensive. with this said in my opinion diane sawyer put everything in as negative light as possible while throwing slow softball pitches to anyone who disagreed with gibson. i’m okay with her trashing gibson. i’m okay with her having questions about the gospels. i’m okay with her questioning how the gospels have been interpreted. i believe in a GOD who can handle our questions and WHO is not afraid of tackling though debates.


all i ask is that anybody doing this as a supposed “unbiased” newsperson do it consistently and ask the same rough questions of both sides and phrases your statements as close to even as possible. rather, than making everything seem as though one side is right and the other just stupid. i was truly offended when she started making statements like “CHRISTians believe … while historians believe …” like there are no intelligent CHRISTians. i don’t believe that i am one of those people who thinks every statement is against CHRISTians but sawyer’s statements really got under my skin.

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