as elvis sings “girls, girls, girls…”

i feel like i am typically pretty secure in my masculinity. i’m okay with the fact that i sometimes actually watch “chick flicks” with my wife and actually like them. i’ve even read “people” magazine once or twice. yet tonight there was way too much feminine spirit within the view student ministry for me. tonight was our first ever “feminar” – an overnight event just for the girls. there is pink all over the student center even as i type, with 60 some females bouncing off all the walls talking about female things and probably painting their toe nails and washing their hair – i have no idea what girls do when they get together.

i went up to the student center for 10 minutes just to say “hi” to all the females and then run away. i took my kids with me figuring that they would help keep my testosterone level up. both of the boys were so scared by all the females together in one room that they refused to go into the auditorium and instead stayed in the hallway waiting for me to finish and leave. the little cowards left me by myself to face all those half-crazed females – i thought i had raised them better than that.

females are very scary creatures that make no sense to me. in fact, in my opinion one of the proofs that GOD is GOD is that HE understands females – even females don’t understand themselves. a female starts crying and you ask her why she’s crying and there will be a good chance that she will say “i don’t know!” females make no sense. i hope those girls are having a great time tonight and i love each of them very much. yet, i have to admit that i am very glad i have a houseful of boys.

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