i’m presently watching “city slickers” with pam, my wife. i know this is not very thrilling for you but i’m enjoying it and i thought i would type something in the blog. “city slickers” really is a great movie. it’s funny and makes a good point.

as a parent i am proud to announce that i developed a bocce addiction with my kids. we regularly go outside and spend time bowling the balls at the jack. i’m not sure that we are playing bocce correctly but it sure is fun. of course, i feel like i’m a part of the italian mafia the entire time that i am playing.

i’ve been bouncing around on the web recently reading as many blogs as i can. i’ve read the blogs of professors, teens, parents, friends, and many others. i used to think that blogs were basically online journals but i now have a different impression. i don’t write the things in this blog that i write in my journal. my journal is where i express my raw, untainted emotions and thoughts. i write in my journal what i don’t want anyone else but GOD to know and i write it there because no one else will read it. blogs are a different breed. must people tend to type out comments concerning life in their blogs. i’m convinced that blogs are part of our conversation on what life is all about. i type out my thoughts and then you, the uninvolved reader, comment on what you think. reading other people’s blogs is basically like sitting at a coffee table and talking about why we live. the discussions are not always that well founded but they are still discussions.

on a side not real life comes into play. there are some stupid things that happen in this world. it really is a great, big, stupid world.

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