“wow!” and “what!”

pam and i saw “the passion of the CHRIST” today and words can not convey what it was like. i’m sure their will be people who criticize it but i believe it was incredibly moving. yes, there were a few biblical inaccuracies but they were minor. i left the theater in silence.

when i got home the silence was broken. adam and noah, my kids had a guest over (our neighbor spencer) he’s a great kid and no trouble at all. however, when my kids get together with anyone they apparently become deaf and have to SHOUT in order to be able to hear each other. i’ve experienced this phenomenon before but it was finally confirmed yesterday and today. yesterday both adam and noah had a guest spend the night. the second the first kid enter the house the sound level within the house jumped up by 20 decibels. i asked them to be quiet and speak at normal levels but of course, since they had suddenly become deaf i had to shout at them to be quiet, which defeats the whole purpose of asking them to be quiet in the first place. i thought this sudden hearing loss was odd but then it corrected itself once our guests left and went back to their own homes. i figured it was just a momentary thing but then it reappeared once spencer arrived to spend the night. when spencer arrive adam and noah began shouting again.

i think the reason for this temporary hearing loss is that their hearing depends heavily upon air pressure. it is my belief that once another person enters the house their breathing lowers the air pressure within the structure and therefore my kids have to begin shouting. logically this can be expressed as:

guests = lower air pressure
lower air pressure = temporary hearing loss
therefore guests = temporary hearing loss.

this is a valid syllogism and therefore it must be true.

the wonderful thing about this is that now that i have discovered the problem i can go about fixing it. so from now on i am going to put adam and noah in high pressure “bubble” suits when they have guests come over to spend the night. this should solve the problem and my house will be quiet again. i love logic.

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