the birth of fred

i have a new vehicle – sort of. my dad goes to car auctions all the time and when the prot�g� blew up – a horrific experience that has shaken me to the core – he told me he could get me a vehicle for wholesale if i was just willing to wait a little while. i firmly believe that patience is a virtue. as everyone knows virtue begins with “v” which also starts “vehicle” so i figured i would practice patience for my auto, so i told dad to “go ahead.”

after, a short wait my dad has pulled through – not that there was ever any doubt about it. tuesday my dad found “fred”. “fred” is a 1998 ford explorer. i like fords so it’s a good thing that “fred” is one – of course, i pretty much like anything that runs and is cheap so it really wouldn’t matter what “fred” is. i haven’t picked “fred” up yet – he’s still in mobile – but i’ll be doing so soon. i have to because i have a distinct fear of my dad having the car around too much. i’m afraid that he is going outside and sitting in “fred”. this would lead to two very terrible things: 1) “fred” will begin to smell like an old fart – and you can simply never get rid of that smell, you can try to hide it but it’s always still there lingering in the background ready to pounce on you when you are least aware, 2) i’m afraid that “fred” will begin to think that he is being driven by an old geezer – now in the case of my dad this old geezer has a lead foot and drives like a teenager (you would have to see my dad’s blog at to understand this) but he’s still an old geezer and i don’t want “fred” thinking he is being driven by a geezer – even a lead footed one.

anyways, here’s a picture of fred and finally i just want to publicly say “thanks” to my dad – if he hadn’t of gone to the auctions all the time i wouldn’t have been able to buy “fred” and some old geezer would own him instead – that would have made both me and “fred” very sad.

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