no t.v. month at the terrell

the boob tubeonce a year my family and i give up television. we do it to “detoxify” our minds and remind ourselves that we don’t have to have the television on in order to survive. it is always a favorite part of the year for us. we find that we have more conversations, get more stuff done around the house, play more games, and are generally more creative when we have the television off. it always works out that by the end of the month we have become completely used to not having the television on – not for t.v. shows, movies, ball games, video games, etc.

of course, the problem is right now that it has rained all day so i couldn’t work outside, i’m not really into the book i’m reading right now, and i have thus spent the day inside watching a computer screen hoping that someone would post a comment on the blog that i could respond to. i’ve been lurking around message board and forums hoping for some random conversation. i’ve become a sad pathetic human being.

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