10-4 good buddy

a week ago or so pam and i came upon the brilliant conclusion of sending a walkie-talkie with our kids when they go to our neighbors’ houses to play with their friends. that way we are always able to call them when we need to come home. today noah decided to use the walkie-talkie to quiz pam. here’s the basic conversation:

noah – mom are you there?
pam – yes, noah. i’m right here
noah – do you remember that jump rope we lost?
pam – yes i do.
noah – well spencer has one just like it in his backyard. do you think it’s ours?
pam – no noah. we got that jump rope at walmart so there are alot of people who have jump ropes like ours. maybe spencer got the jump rope at walmart.
noah – oh okay
noah – mom are you there?
pam – yes, noah.
noah – mom, this one has a knot in it. did our jump rope have a knot in it?
pam – i’m not sure noah.
noah – oh, then this is probably not our jump rope

it’s not quite as funny when i type it out, but it was very funny listening to it on the radio.

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