if i had a shofar

after four weeks of waiting my shofar finally arrived. it’s great. i ran around the church today shouting “A sword for the LORD and for Gideon!” and blowing the shofar as loud as i can. if only i had brought some clay pots with me to church today. i could have smashed them and made the image complete. i’m not sure if anybody else thought it was funny but i did.

wednesday, we are going to celebrate a very CHRISTianized version of rosh hashanah. i’ve been researching the “days of awe” as much as possible. i am finding the whole thing fascinating. if it wasn’t for the fact that it is impossible to follow all 613 mitzvot i would want to be jewish. the tradition is so amazing.

the beauty of being a follower of JESUS, the jewish messiah (besides for the salvation and freedom and such) is that i am able to somewhat enjoy and participate within the jewish customs that HE would have participated within during HIS time on earth.

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