the rest of the story – ivan part 2

last wednesday i posted about the amazing ministry opportunities that happened in baton rouge because of the hurricane ivan. it was a wonderful day of ministry and i have been basking in the light of it for a week. i really didn’t think it could get any better. then today happened.

this morning i received a call from renee the director of the covenant house, the group that stayed with us last week. she said that she and her director wanted to come up from new orleans and thank us personally for the assistance we had given them. i told her i would love to meet here but she really didn’t have to come an hour to meet me because it wasn’t really that big of a deal. i told her that i had only wished that we could have let them stay at our church, rather than merely giving them a place to rest for 7 hours or so.

“you don’t know then do you?” she said.

i asked her what she was talking about and that’s when she told me that a few of our youth parents had found them a place to stay in baton rouge. the place said they could stay there but they wouldn’t be able to provide any food or anything. that was fine because my unknown youth parents hooked them up with dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. this had all been done without me ever knowing about it. the parents involved within the youth ministry saw the need, knew it was something we would want to do, and they jumped into action taking care of things. this is the way it’s supposed to happen. the minister gives the ministry over to the church and the church responds.

i love my job.

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