i’m an addict!

i have recently gotten involved in a internet forum for youth ministers. there’s alot of good conversation that goes on there and i am always finding new ideas within the discussions. the problem with the forum is that i have suddenly realized that i long for people’s electronic approval of my comments. i’ll make a funny comment and then come back later to see if someone has put up a LOL or ROTFL acknowledging the humor of what i have said. i’ll post a thoughtful comment and then return again and again to see if people have agreed with me and acknowledged the superior nature of my thought.

i am such an addict!

i come back again and again looking for this electronic approval. it’s reach the point that i now audibly laugh to myself when i post something funny or i’ll comment “oh, that’s good” when i know that i have made a good point within a discussion.

this is sad

please don’t post a comment. it will only encourage me to long for more.

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