made, loved, kept

julian of norwich was an anchoress and a mystic (1340 – 1426). during her “first showing” she saw all that had been “made” as a little object sitting in her hand. it was only about the size of the hazelnut. she was amazed by how fragile it look and bewildered that it could survive. looking upon it she made the following statement:

in this little thing the (“hazelnut of everything that has been ‘made'”) i saw three properties. the first is that GOD made it, the second that GOD loveth it, the third that GOD keepeth it. but what is to me verily the MAKER, the KEEPER, and the LOVER – i cannot tell; for till i am substantially oned to HIM, i may never have full rest nor very bliss: that is to say, till i be so fastened to HIM, that there is right nought that is made betwixt my GOD and me.


  • made me
  • loves me
  • keeps me

i’m not sure that it can get much better than that. now if i could only remember that this is true and live based on it.

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