finally! i’ve changed the look of the blog – at least a little

it’s truly sad that it has taken me this long to learn how to change any part of the style of this blog. it’s been over a year but i am finally beginning to make some sense of how this thing operates. i know for some of you this is no big deal, but for me this is a major victory. i’m just not as much of a computer geek as i once was. yet tonight i was able to change the background on this stupid thing (which now doesn’t match the color scheme of the rest of the page – that will change later), add a sub-title to the top-menu, and change the alignment of my title & sub-title on the top-menu. i’ll work on other changes tomorrow (or maybe the next day).

in celebration of the fact that i have moved a very small step (and i do mean a very small step) back toward the computer geek i once was i would like to announce that i am seriously considering buying a powerbook. just thinking about buying a powerbook is the most exhilarating computer thing i’ve ever done. here are the reasons for possibly buying a powerbook:

  • macs are better at video editing than pcs are and i will be doing a fair amount of video editing on the new laptop.
  • because of pam’s educational discount the pc and mac prices are roughly equivalent
  • mac computers seem to have a longer “shelf-life” than pcs do
  • i will not be using or supporting microsoft windows – this is a big plus.
  • they’re cool – not a great reason but still a truthful statement concerning the powerbook.

i still haven’t made my final decision on which laptop to get but i’m getting closer. no matter what i buy, pc or mac, i will always be able to say that i once considered buying a mac. i some truly stupid way i have to admit that i feel better about myself for having at least once thought of buying a mac.

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