it’s finally happened! about 30 minutes ago i bought an apple powerbook – 15″ screen, 1.33 ghz cpu, 512 meg ram, 64 meg ati video, 80 gig hard drive.

let the “change” begin. apparently after buying a mac i’m supposed to change from the person i am now into an “apple user.” you see everyone i know that has an apple is … shall we say … “different.”

  • they treat their macs different from the way that pc owners do.
  • they talk about their macs in manners that aren’t quite the same as pc owners do.
  • they compute in ways that just aren’t the same as pc owners do.

they walk to the beat of a different cpu and it shows in their lives.

i’m not sure why this happens. maybe it’s the computer equivalent of “short-man’s syndrome.” maybe it’s the fact that windows basically ripped off the mac’s ideas and then made them more popular. maybe it is that the mac really is a better computer than the pc’s are. i don’t really know.

what i do know is that i do not want to become a stereo-type. i wanted a mac because it was going to be best for the needs i have. i did not want to buy into a certain lifestyle. from what i understand it’s going to be hard to keep form developing the “apple user” personality. i’m going to fight against.

ralph waldo emerson once said the following regarding possessions – if i own a cow, the cow owns me.

thankfully he was talking about cows and not apples, so hopefully i should be okay.

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