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the new church budget year is about to begin (friday, october 1st) and this means that i can buy a new laptop. i used to have a laptop that was 4 1/2 years old. it’s was a compaq presario 1200-xl119 and it really worked fine. i would still be using it if it wasn’t for the fact that the power plug-in broke. i tried to have it fix but when they told me it was going to cost $650 i decided it might be time for a new computer. it’s amazing to me that i can buy this small little part for about $10 to $15 but it costs $600 to have it put in. it’s a great, big, stupid world.

the problem with buying a new laptop is that our ministry has now entered the video age. because of this i have to consider video editing when i look at a laptop. this changes the standards for the laptops that i consider. now after a great deal of research i have finally ordered one. it’s an apple powerbook:

  • 15″ screen
  • 1.33 ghz cpu
  • 512 meg ram
  • 64 meg ati radeon video
  • 80 gig hard drive.
  • dvd/cd-rw

since i order an apple i did of course also purchase finalcut express 2. i am very excited about getting my hands on this. this is going to offer me mny more features than pinnacle studio 9 does and i was able to get it for only $99.

right now it should arrive in baton rouge on friday, october 8, 2004. of course, i leave for the national youth worker convention on the 7th so i’ll probably miss it.

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