it’s arrived & i’ve become a 12 year old boy

this weekend i went with pam, jessica, rebecca, and alan to the national youth workers’ convention in dallas, texas and you’ll never guess what arrived while i was gone … my apple powerbook.

when i got back last night it was waiting for me at the door. actually it was just a box but i’m sure i could hear the powerbook calling to me from inside the box saying, “robert, open this box that is imprisoning me and let me out to play.” well, it is one of my missions in life to bring joy to little wayward computers and therefore i opened the little fellow up and let him out into the fresh air.

so now i have entered the world of “mac-i-ness”. i’m sure my life will never be the same.

on a side note i have a confession to make. i actually like yu-gi-oh.

for those of you who have not been introduced to the world of yu-gi-oh i’ll tell you a little about it. yu-gi-oh is a japanese anime trading card game and cartoon television show. it’s basically a japanese soap opera drawn as a cartoon. the show is composed of odd looking characters that fight other odd looking characters by using cards that have even more odd looking characters on them. it’s a show full of odd characters. everything that happens is overly dramatic and charged with emotion. it’s a show that elementary students should love and my sons fit into that category and thus love the show. for the past year and a half my boys have watched the television show and played the card game against me. in the past i have watched the show and played the game in an attempt to be a good day. the problem is that i now find myself actually enjoying the television show. today i sat down to watch the show with adam and noah and actually told noah to be quiet so i could hear what was happening. this can not be good. something has to be wrong with me.

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