puppy love

pam, my wife, loves to research things. it doesn’t really matter what she is researching, she merely loves to research. that’s why when we started talking about getting a new dog sometime after CHRISTmas she immediately started surfing the net for dog information. pam has already looked into most of the different breeds that we have considered bringing into our home. she has looked into spaniels, beagles, terriers, and lastly basset hounds. i’ve wanted a basset hound for years and finally pam has been won over by their charm (well sort of).

  • bassest hounds can be distracted by smells (old or new smells) to the point that they walk away from home and never think to look where they are going.
  • basset hounds will pretend to be asleep when you call them to “preform” tricks but will “wake up” the second you open the refrigerator door.
  • basset hounds are extremely lovable.
  • basset hounds like to sleep on beds and couches – so it appears that these short dogs actually have a great leaping ability.
  • basset hounds are not lazy – in fact they can be pretty active – they’re just laid back.

i think they are the coolest dogs ever and every thing we read about them just seems to reinforce that they are extremely cool/odd and just what we are looking for in a dog.

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