i can’t think of much to blog about write now – either this is because nothing extremely interesting has happened around me recently or because i have “blogger’s block” (the internet equivalent of writer’s block). since, i believe that GOD has made and declared this world “very good” then it has to be full of wonderful things to write about. thus, i must have “blogger’s block” and simply be looking past all the the really noteworthy stuff right now.

i’m not real sure how to get out of “blogger’s block” but i assume that i need to write myself out of it. so here goes. here are some of the things i am presently amazed by:

  • everyone seems to be really passionate about either loving or hating basset hounds.
  • it’s easier to merely think about updating the student ministry web page than it is to actually do it.
  • blockbuster is open till midnight (or later) every night – who needs to rush out and get a movie monday night at 11:47 a.m.?
  • i love the fact that pam, my wife, likes to research out anything that she gets excited about.
  • i miss hero.
  • adam, my oldest son, is now constantly playing the clarinet.
  • the international justice mission is a very cool organization – they are actively involved in fighting for the freedom of “bonded servants.”
  • one life revoltion is another very cool organization – they are actively involved in meeting the needs of those dying from AIDS in zambia.
  • i’ve been praying since august about what our church can do about the landfill in managua, nicaragua. it’s a huge problem, in fact one that i think is to big to fix, but i have a really BIG GOD.
  • for some reason i now possess the ability to “pop” my right ankle at will – i can turn my ankle it just the right direction and it will “pop” at command.

i guess that’s it for now.

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