they’re coming

the incredibles, pixar‘s latest movie, is coming out in 20 days. i love the pixar movies (with the possible exception of monsters inc which i felt was merely a “good” movie, rather than pixar’s usual greatness). i’m very excited about a new pixar movie.

so to celebrate my excitement i figure i will list a few movie moments that i am looking forward to.

  • the lotr – return of the king extended edition dvd comes out december 14.
  • revenge of the sith – star wars episode iii comes our may 19, 2005. truthfully i don’t really expect genius here because lucas has done a terrible job with episodes i & ii but i am looking forward to ending the story and watching the light saber fight between obi wan and annakin.
  • spaceballs 2 comes out in 2006. mel brooks is the greatest. “may the schwartz be with you.”

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