why do people hate america? – tony campolo’s “church of fools” sermon

why many people in the world hate america.

first, let me say that i love tony campolo. next, let me add that i also love the ship-of-fools website. so it is obvious that i was thrilled when i found out that tony campolo “preached” a message at the “church of fools” that is put on by ship-of-fools.com. campolo preached the following message “why many people in the world hate america.”

in the message campolo suggests that the main reasons that many non-americans hate america is because we have not lived up to our potential. we once were the country that set the standard and every other nation wanted to be like. we stood for freedom and justice. now, we come across as a big bully who is only concern is cheap products and oil.

makes you wonder about being the “city on a hill” doesn’t it?

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