the diner table

i’ve read several places that the only common factor that rhodes scholars have is that they typically have been raised eating with their families at a common table – some have said four times a week. i can’t find research on this so i can’t prove it is true and i’m not sure that being a rhodes scholar is the “end all” of life but i do think this common factor points out how important eating together is. you’ve probably noticed similar statements in other media that you have encountered. if you have watched “super size me” or read the book “fast food nation” then you have read and watched similar comments. the family table is beginning to be recognized as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. here are some of the reasons why:

  • the common table encourages us to eat home made food rather than processed food – home made non-processed food is better for you.
  • the common table encourages social interaction – we live in a society that encourages “get and go” eating that has very little social interaction because it is done so fast.
  • the common table strengthens the family – it’s hard (but not impossible) to separate yourself from your family when you are sitting 18 to 24″ away from them.
  • the common table forces us to look at each other – rather than focusing on a t.v and merely being in the same room with each other.
  • the common table slows down life – an incredibly difficult thing to do in our face paced world.
  • the common table encourages eating less fattening and sugary food.

now i know that basically this blog is read by my parents and the only person they have at home is shirley the demonic cat, but i want to encourage anybody else who might read this thing to commit to eating at a family table – if you’re a teen – ask your parent(s) to do this or decided that you will do this for your kids when you have them, if you’re a college student – maybe you should form a “family group” around you and eat together as much as possible, if you’re a young married person – start regularly eating at a common table now so that it will be a habit for the rest of your life, and finally if you’re my parents – then invite that stupid cat to the diner table and maybe she’ll become somewhat less satanic (this would be a true miracle). in this day and time eating at a common table as a family is not an easy thing. of course, i believe the benefits are worth the effort.

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