i can’t believe i don’t know this stuff

i’m pretty sad and pathetic when it comes to this blog – software-wise. last night i finally learned how to add a little padding around the images that i place within this thing. for those who don’t know what padding is i’ll explain. padding is the space around your image that keeps the text from being right up against the image. adding padding to the blog is real difficult. you have to add the line “img pad=’10px'” to the blog. real difficult huh? it took all of ten minutes and that’s only because i didn’t know what i was doing. if i had of known it would have taken 45 seconds.

i’ve been doing this blog for over a year now (an eternity within a world of blogs that usually last two months) and i still don’t know much else than how to type in the text. i would change this whole thing over to “movable type” if i actually knew how to transfer my old entries into it and how to set up movable type in the first place. movable type is supposed to be better and would allow me to use “blogging software” to update the blog without actually going to the blog and also allow me to use “rss” to check the other blogs i read. of course, i don’t know how to do this nor do i even know what “rss” is so it appears that i will be stuck with bblog and reading the other blogs manually.

it’s sad that i really used to be a sort of computer geek (my dad and brother have always been bigger geeks than me – and bigger computer geeks too!).

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