sabbath retreat

i’m beginning to work on a sabbath retreat for my students based on the sabbath retreat that youth specialties stopped doing earlier this year. right now i am just planning this thing out. i’ve never done anything like this before and therefore i have ben hoping to find other people who have done retreats like this and use their experience but it appears that very few others have done this type of retreat either. a few people have helped with some suggestions and i have found two resource websites that i believe will be truly helpful – the youth ministry and spirituality project who used to head the sabbath retreats that youth specialties put on and practicing our faith put on by the valparaiso project on the education and formation of people in faith.

here is a list of what i am hoping to do during the retreat as of right now:

  • journaling – each person will journal 30 minutes a day
  • cooking – each person will participate within the meals of the day
  • digital photography – each person will be responsible for going and taking pictures of something they see that amazes them – these pictures will then be shown to the group and described.
  • a group movie each night – this will then be discussed for spiritual meaning.
  • quiet & solitude – each morning will be started with solitude. we will have to teach the kids how to do this.
  • reading – each participant will have to bring one book that they simply want to read – it can be for no other reason than simply enjoying the book – not for personal growth or school.
  • large group study through the lost sheep – similar to what I did with the youth ministry staff and what mike yaconelli did during the spiritual formations conference.

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