when bad things happen to people who deserve them

i don’t wish bad things to happen to anybody but i have to say that i laughed real hard when i heard about ashlee simpson’s vocal track / lip synch mess up on saturday night live. if you haven’t seen it here it is for your viewing pleasure. i really don’t wish ill towards celebrities who posses very little real talent (a group of which i believe ashlee simpson would be a part) but i do enjoy it when it is shown for all to see how little talent some professed celebrities actually have. that’s what happen saturday night.

of course, the best part is that ashlee simpson has previously addressed the issue of lip-synching by saying the following:

“i’m totally against it (lip synching) and offended by it,” she said. “i’m going out to let my real talent show, not to just stand there and dance around. personally, i’d never lip-synch. it’s just not me.”

none of this really matters. ashlee simpson will still be able to lip-synch all over the place and be a celebrity, have her photo taken constantly, and be allowed to talk with authority about things which she actually has no idea about. teens and pre-teens all over the world will still think that she is incredibly talented, has her life all together, and will want to be like her. it’s just nice every now and then to see that no matter how many people brag about the emperor’s new clothes there’s really nothing there but a naked old man.

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