my family and i went to see “the incredibles” today and it was great. i love pixar. their movies are consistently great. “the incredibles” lived up to this standard.

as if one movie wasn’t enough pam and i then went to see “friday night lights“. it was a very good movie though the cinematography is so shaky that i thought i would get car sick. it was meant to be shaky and i liked the effect for a little while but it kept going through out the whole movie. i felt like i was on a two hour long roller-coaster.

if you haven’t seen friday night lights it is a movie that’s not so much about football as it is about commitment to sport going awry. all the adults involved in the movie push these 17 year old kids to the point that the kids lose their chance to be teenagers. the adults are all completely wacko. they treat the sport as though it is the only thing in life that matters. personally, i love passionate people. i am constantly amazed by people who commit their lives and energies to reaching a goal. i love college and pro sports because of this. it is a pleasure to see people work incredibly hard and overcome physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual obstacles to achieve their desires. i’m fine with people being fanatical about college and pro sports. in fact i admire some of this.

of course, high school sports are an entirely different thing. it always seems like the fanatics within high school sports are adults who are just trying to push teens to accomplish goals for them. i can not understand parents and adults chewing out coaches simply because the coach didn’t play their son enough or because they didn’t like the plays that were called. i’ve seen it happen. some people take high school sports far too seriously.

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