i haven’t given up blogging!

i just figured that i would make sure all of you know that i have not given up blogging. we’ve been (jessica, alan, and i) hard on the JESUS project retreat that starts tomorrow and that has taken up most of my energy and time over the past three weeks. i will begin posting again after the retreat.

i would like to report that tonight my family and i saw a red hat society at the city cafe. if you are new to the concept of a red hat society then i’ll explain. these societies are basically groups of older women who like to wear clothes that don’t match (i.e red hats with purple clothes) and then parade around in public. i’m not real sure what the joy of being mismatched is but i hope it is a large joy because these women truly seem to enjoy being in front of others with clothes that don’t make any sense. more power to them.

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