which pill will you choose – matrix reference for a non-matrix entry

i’m presently at my parents’ house in mobile, alabama for thanksgiving. my parents house is not my home and therefore i basically not used to the things found within it. this morning when i went to the bathroom to take a shower i was faced with a enormous decision that i was not prepared for. the decision was between yellow and green soap. within my parents guest shower there are two different significantly used soaps. one is green and one is yellow. these soaps have both been used to the point that all markings have been washed off of them. for most people this wouldn’t be a problem because they would simply smell the individual soaps and be able to tell what they were. the problem here is that i have a pathetically inadequate sense of smell – which is a huge asset in working with middle school boys. i can’t smell anything except very strong smells.

so i reached out grabbed each soap and took a whiff. nothing. it was hopeless. which soap would i use. i guessed that the yellow soap was probably dial – a soap that i usually like – yet i wasn’t sure. the green soap was probably irish spring – my favorite soap of all times – but i had no way of knowing for sure. this was an important decision. if i chose the wrong soap it would throw off my whole day. irish spring would be great, dial would be okay, but what if it were another type of soap. surely there are other soaps that are green and yellow. this was all too much stress for a shower.

i chose green – i’m fairly sure that it was irish spring. of course, for all i know i could smell like anything right now.

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