sabbath retreat #2

to my knowledge i don’t have “sections” available on blogger for linking together thoughts and entries that are in common. therefore, so as to keep my thoughts and inner workings together on the “sabbath” retreat for youth that i am working on i will start posting things in this entry. of course, i’ll end up finding out how to do “sections” later and that will solve everything. until then i will simply re-edit this post each time.

here are the resources that i am presently working with:

i’ve talked with the seniors and juniors in our youth ministry and asked them if they wish to do a sabbath retreat. the response was great. i was worried that we might be doing too much and actually just making their lives busier than they already are. the teens responded by begging for us to do the sabbath. two teens who weren’t even going to be able to make it to sunday school (when they were going to voice their desire for the retreat or not) grabbed me before sunday school and said “yes! i want to do the retreat!” so it looks like we are going to do this whole thing in january.

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