counselor preveldge?

it’s been a very weird day of ministry that i can’t type about right now. maybe one day i will be able to discuss it. who knows. what i do know is that i have finally learned that it is best to simply shut up when you don’t know what else to say. i couldn’t comprehend what in the world to say today and i merely kept my mouth shut. turns out that the person who was talking to me took my quietness for good counseling technique and continued to spill their guts to me. after it was all through i still didn’t know what to say and the person who had been talking to me told me that they really appreciated that i had given them my complete attention and had really listened.

of course, i didn’t really listen. i was too busy trying to figure out what in the world to say.

here’s looking at you

it’s time for a dog update. above is a picture of the basset hound that we are considering adopting. her name is montana and she is 10 months old. she was rescued from a “puppy mill” and has been staying with a “foster” home for the past three months. our kids don’t know about her yet. i can’t wait to tell them but that won’t be for a while.

the above photo was taken by a very cheap, junky intel digital camera. i’ve been wanting to get a better camera for taking pictures within the youth ministry but my overwhelming cheapness (which i inherited from my dad) has kept me from spending the money necessary to get a decent digital camera. today i found and purchased from ebay a canon powershot sd100. it’s a 3.2 megapixel camera with good reviews. it should beat the baloney out of the intel camera (which is 1/3 of a megapixel). i love ebay!

the only thing i don’t like about ebay are the snipers. a sniper is someone who sits and watches your auction until the last second and then places their bid. i lost two cameras to snipers before finding this one. of course, the sd100 is a better camera than the other two that i had bid on so the snipers kind of did me a favor. even with the favor i still don’t like them. down with snipers!