spud gun update

spud gun #2

the “potato cannon” has been glued together and the starter has been installed. tomorrow i will duct tape the joints for added safety and then fulfill the dreams of some russets. it’s a little known fact that the russet potato is the most aerodynamic of all the spud universe. the russet literally longs to fly. tomorrow i will fulfill the dreams of some of these tubers.

SIDE NOTE – albert’s famous salsa is by far the greatest grocery store salsa i have ever encountered. i’m not sure how “famous” it actually is since the only people around here who seem to know about it are those that pam and i have introduced to it BUT i can say that it deserves to be famous because it is great.

asian tsunami

here are a few links on the asian tsunami. some of interest and some for purposes of helping.

consider helping in any way you can.

happy new year

hello there guys & girls, i hope that you have a wonderfully restful holiday this weekend, end the year right, and begin the new year in an enjoyable and safe manner. personally i’m not exactly sure what i’ll be doing tonight. we’ve been invited by the austins to blow up the equivalent of a small tactical nuclear warhead in fireworks but i have a wife and child who seem to be getting a cold so i’m not sure if the explosions will come to pass or not.

what i do know is what i will be doing today and tomorrow with my kids – i’m going to build a “potato cannon”. my sister-in-law gave me a book called “backyard ballistics” that is all about the fun little experiments i used to do as a child. while i was reading it i realized that my boys have never known the joy of a “spud gun“. that can simply not be allowed. so last night i went and bought the necessary material for building a basic one. we will build the beast today, then let the pvc cement dry overnight, and finally shoot the puppy off tomorrow.

just in case you are wondering “potato cannons” are completely legal. here’s a letter from the atf . so i’m going to go shoot some spuds.