set up for the view – december 29, 2004

here are photos from the set-up of the view, december 29, 2004. this was our samson service. the back of the room was set up as a place to confess our failures to GOD (each corner of the room was a station that had cards and pens. the back center of the room was set up with two columns and a paper shredder. the columns were there to remind us of GOD using samson in the end inspite of his past failures. the paper shredder was a contemporary way of “erasing” the past. the sounds of the shredder were intermingled with our singing. each grind bore testimony to someone who had gotten rid of their guilt.

the view - setup december 29, 2004 - picture 1

the view - setup december 29, 2004 - picture 2

the view - setup december 29, 2004 - picture 3

how you can help with the asian tsunami

here are a few links on the asian tsunami. some of interest and some for purposes of helping.

consider helping in any way you can.

the asian tsunami – virtual prayer room

messy CHRISTian has set up a virtual prayer room on his blog. don’t be surprised if someone you know has been effected by the catastrophe. as followers of CHRIST we have to be involved in lifting up our brothers and sisters in prayer. remember scripture says when one part of the body of CHRIST hurts then all of the body should hurt. take care of your asian brothers and sisters by spending some time lifting them up to the FATHER.