feminar video

this blog started out as a journal of my exploration into learning how to use homemade video within our ministry. that’s why i need to tell you about another fact i have justed learned about video within youth ministry. the fact i learned is that if you asking someone to video an event for you make sure and walk them through all of the operation of the camera. give them in depth instructions. we had a “feminar” for our girls this past weekend (i have discussed the feminar is an earlier post). i asked one of our adult volunteers to video the event (since i as a male was not allowed in). she did a great job of videoing the weekend except for one minor detail – i didn’t tell her about the camcorder’s night shot feature. she videoed the entire night with the nightshot feature on. this makes all of the video looked like a greenish black and white film (which i guess would be a greenish and white video).

anyway, here’s the summary video in realmedia format.

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