were you raised in a barn?

i’m sitting at cc’s coffee house drinking some blackberry tea and working on the material for our 2005 discipleNOW and i need to rant for a second. i need to rant about people leaving there trash every where. i walked into cc’s, purchased my tea, and then went to one of the “computer” tables to get to work. these tables hold three people side by side facing the window (the table allows you to sit right beside someone, within inches of each other, and pretend like there is not another person beside you). when i got to the only table that was open i noticed that two other people had been sitting there recently. i knew this because they decided to just leave their trash on the table when they left. ARGH! that infuriates me. there was a trash can at the end of the table – literally three feet away from the farthest person.

i’m sure these two people were probably very important people, much to important to actually throw their own trash away. they probably had to rush out to save someone’s life or stop a war. maybe they are allergic to garbage can bags and could die if they accidently rub against the plastic trash can liner. perhaps they had some really bad trash can experiences as children, like being forcibly placed in a trash can by a bully and rolled down a hill, and now they have an irrational fear of trash cans. surely they weren’t just lazy scum who decided they were better than everyone else and therefore didn’t have to pick up their own garbage.

anyways i didn’t want to sit by their garbage for an hour or two so i picked it up and threw it into the trash can at the end of the table. after all it’s up to the little people like me to pick up the garbage of the really important people like the ones who left this trash.

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