i just got back from watching the movie “constantine” and i’m still not sure how i feel about it. the movie is blatantly spiritual without preaching a specific agenda. it is nice to see faith claims being treated seriously. constantine discusses CHRISTian theology on forgiveness and the battle between good and evil and it does it in such a way that good discussions will come from the movie. i love the fact that hollywood has moved beyond making fun of spirituality. constantine is just the latest example of hollywood being open to spirituality. they approach the theme of constantine with an appropriate sense of respect and it shows within it’s content. there was some serious depth within some of the movie’s dialogue. the conversations between constantine and gabriel are great.

what i’m not sure of it how good the movie was. i liked it because i was excited about the extreme spiritual nature of the movie but i’m not sure i would have liked the movie if the spiritual content had not been there. sometimes the movie felt a little slow. i wish the whole thing had been a little shorter.

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