finished – sort of

my moleskineI FINISHED IT! well kind of. i’ve been struggling with the dnow material for about a month now. mainly it was because i just couldn’t figure out where it was supposed to go. i’m in one of those times right now that when i pray begging GOD for guidance HE just responds with a chuckle and says “nope! I’m not gonna tell you right now.” it sure does make for a struggle writing stuff when GOD decides to do that. the good side is that for some reason those times always help my relationship with HIM. the other part of the writing struggle has been tons of distractions but truthfully i live for distractions and usually consider the distractions some of the best ministry opportunities so i can’t really complain.

anyway, i have finally gotten all four studies and general themes into a word document. now i have to proof them and get them in the desktop publisher with all those nice graphics and images. that’s the easy part though.


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