minor prophets

amos's table for the view

wednesday we’re starting at “the view” a message series on the minor prophets. it’s really supposed to be more than a message series though because we are going to have experiential stations set up around the room each week walking people through the 12 minor prophets. i stole the idea from jonny baker who did a worship session on the minor prophets that we have since adapted with some help from him. there are nine of us doing this (8 people doing the 8 minor prophets that i’m not talking about). i was so jealous of the fun that they are going to get to do by prayerfully developing a station that i decided i would do one on each of the four prophets that i am talking about (i just didn’t want to miss out). i’m using the “welcome table” that we build each week for basic ministry info as a way to convey the prophet that i will be speaking on. we’ll see how this whole thing goes.

above is the drawing i made in my moleskine of what i want to do with the “welcome table” while i’m speaking amos. i’ll post pictures wednesday of what really happened.

here’s the series of mesages and the stations for each one:

march 2 – amos

    station hosea – haley
    station joel – julie

march 9 – jonah

    station obadiah – whitney & sarah
    station micah – meagan

march 16 – habakkuk

    station nahum – sergio
    station zephaniah – brittany

march 23 – malachi

    station haggai – pam
    station zechariah – rebekah

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