moving up in the world

audrey was on the elvis miniseries sunday night. you could only see half of her face but it was still her face that was at least half way visible. it would appear that we have our first celebrity that is actually connected with the youth ministry. that’s exciting even though i guess we now have to turn all snobby and such.

so starting from this point in time i am going to be more selective about who is allowed to read this blog – after all we have produced a celebrity now and we must have higher standards. so before you read this blog i would like for each of you to send me an email answering the following questions:

  • are you better looking than everyone else?
  • are you smarter than everyone else?
  • does everyone else want to be like you?
  • does everyone else’s parents like you more than they do their own kids?
  • do you smell nice even when you sweat?
  • does everyone else’s pet (dog, cat, hamster, etc.) like you better than it does its owner?
  • do your teachers give you good grades just because they think you should receive good grades automatically?
  • do you drive a better car or bicycle than everyone else?

i know these are hard standards but we are now a celebrity producing youth ministry and therefore we have to be careful. just send your answers to me and if you answer “yes” to all the questions i’ll direct you to a more suitable blog for your perfection. if you answer “no” to any of them then please feel welcome here – we’e your kind of people. i love being the youth minister at a church where our celebrity only gets half her face shown in the movie.

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