graduation season

josh & megmeaghan posted the following comment on the blog earlier.

    oh my friend….you are not doing to well on posting are you now?…I beleive this is something you need to work on. So that is why i, Meaghan Myrick, am here to encourage you on your postiginess, so you can become again, my favorite blogger….So…Your doing great but put in a little more efffort! and Keep trying buddy! and Dont slow down! and Im sure your next post will be so totally awesominaciously grandaciously interesting! (i’ve editted some exclamation marks because they were doing something funky with my computer)

meaghan, i’m sorry i haven’t posted in a few days and i hope this post lives up to your expectations. thanks for the encouragement.

the only excuse i have for not blogging recently is that it’s graduation season. for me this basically means watching people whom i love walk from one end of the stage to the other. i’ve been to three different graduation ceremonies during the past week, wasn’t able to go to ea’s graduation because of the 5th grade retreat i was on with my oldest son (which was fun), and i’ll hit another graduation tonight. the positive side of all this is that i’ve been able to see some families whom i love accomplish the goal of reaching graduation with their children. that’s a great thing. the only negative has been that i haven’t been able to post much – which is probably not really negative at all.

thus far the most enjoyable graduation ceremony that i have been to was denham springs high school’s. the main reason for this was because it is the only graduation ceremony that had concession stands open for the service. i’ve been to many a graduation ceremony over 15 years of youth ministry and up until going to denham springs graduation this year i had never seen a concession stand open for a service. i love denham springs. they have the right idea. if you have to sit through a graduation service why not sit through it with a hot dog? in fact, i love this idea so much that when i go to parkview’s graduation tonight i might just bring myself some nachos for the evening.

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