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church marketing sucks: businessweek goes to church

church marketing sucks has a post on it right now from kevin d. hendricks concerning businessweek’s cover article on the business of church. in that article it is pointed out that the willow creek assocaition ranks among tthe top 5% of 250 major brands. since when isCHRIST’s church every be a marketing empire? since when is CHRIST’s bride supposed to be an organization with so much economic power?

the most telling thing to me is the title of the business week article is its title “earthly empires“. to quote the article:

So successful are some evangelicals that they’re opening up branches like so many new Home Depots (HD ) or Subways.

is this what the modern evangelical church looks like to those outside the church? does it look like we who are supposed to be focused on the things of GOD and HIS kingdom are instead building earthly empires? apparently businessweek thinks so. so much for following the meek and mild suffering servant. the whole thing saddens me.

my wife puts it this way – we CHRISTians are stupid people.

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