has been around for awhile as a bookmarking system but until today i really didn’t think much of it. basically it’s a website that allows you to “bookmark” websites that you like and then place “tags” on those “bookmarks.” “tags” are words that i assign to a bookmark that will help me remeber the website. they’re like electronic “sticky notes” that i can attach to a bookmark. until earlier today i really didn’t see any huge advantage to using it. i figured i could “bookmark” web sites within my browser. i thought the slight advantage that would give me was being able to have my “bookmarks” online and thus accessible from other computers. personally this didn’t seem like a huge advantage to me because i don’t swap computers much.

that was before today. today i realize that the “tags” i love on flickr were also on (stupid me – tags are the whole point of of i try not to put a ton of things in the “bookmarks” directory of my browser (safari and firefox) because it becomes to hard to find the important ones when there are a ton of “bookmarks” within the folder. “tags” let me save everything i see. when i save a “bookmark” to i assign “tags” to it that i think i will help me remember the website. that way when i want to find the “bookmark” later all i have to do is search through the “tags.” this frees me up to “bookmark” any website that i find slightly interesting. all i have to do is assign “tags” to the website that describe it. then when i want to find that bookmark all i have to do is search for the “tag.” i search the web allot looking for ideas. is going to help allot in remembering those ideas.

another benefit of is that you can share your bookmarks with others via a web url. if you want to see what i have been bookmarking recently look at

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