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this afternoon has been a time of potluck ideas. first, i received the following email from one of our juniors:

Some of us were at cc’s tonight and Coleman asked what a pot luck was and that reminded me about our pot lucks that we have for Sunday school and I thought we haven’t had one of those in a while and maybe we could have one before the seniors leave! Its just an idea, I thought it might be kinda fun! Well im off to the land of studying! See you Sunday!!

then after reading that email (and smiling to myself) i read andrew jones’ post on pot lucks.

i love pot lucks. i think they are one of the greatest examples of community and hospitality within our CHRISTian faith. it’s not just a meal together but a journey together. we not only eat together but we all contribute to the meal. we’re in the whole thing together. that’s why i love pot lucks and one of the things i am most proud of that has happened within the youth ministry this year is the fact that i have introduced a group of 11th & 12th graders to pot lucks.

if all of us believers had a pot luck with other believers once a week our faith would be much stronger.

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