chicken curry

supper time
back in january pam and i “adopted” two lsu students from india. we have sam and bajji over to the house every so often and go and do things with them every now and then. they’re allot of fun and we both love learning about india from them. last night they wanted to cook an authentic indian meal for us. they came over to the house and made chicken curry, some type of flat bread, eggs scrambled, and a few other snacks. even though our kids didn’t think much of the meal pam and i thought it was amazing.

sunday sam and bajji are setting up a cricket game to teach me how to play. i’ve always wanted to play but simply can’t figure out the rules. i’ve read the bbc’s description of the rules and it still doesn’t make any sense to me. sam and bajji say that you have to play to understand the game and thus they’re going to teach me sunday afternoon. i can’t wait.

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