the hulk
friday night pam and i went out to eat at tsunami which is on top of the shaw center. the restaurant was much hipper than i am suitable for. basically, i am not what you would describe as a hip person. i’m not real sure what the term for the opposite of hip is (nerd, geek, loser, etc.) but whatever it is that’s what i am. of course, my wife, pam, is the opposite of me. she’s amazing and everyone knows it. case in point take our adventure at tsunami. we went there last night and asked how long the wait would be (i had called earlier in the day to make reservations and was told that they use half of the restaurant’s tables for reservations and all of those tables were booked up until the first week of june). the hostess told us that the wait for a table would be one and a half hours to one hour and forty-five minutes.

the cute womanat least that was their answer until they saw pam (who was looking quite good as always). when they saw her one of the other hostesses quickly walked over to us and said they would fix us a table immediately. i kid you not. our wait for a table went from almost two hours to 30 seconds. that’s what happens when you hang out with an incredible looking woman, who is working on her doctorate, is a domestic goddess, and can quilt. so i sat down with my hip wife and ate a wonderful meal. i like being married to a woman that gets tables quickly.

by the way, the picture above is of the hulk roll (a sushi roll composed of various things). we received the above two pieces of the hulk roll when our sushi chef made them for us as a gift. again, i’m sure this happened because i was with the best looking woman there.

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