bloggers i would like to meet

i’m blatantly stealing this from grant, but i’ve always heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. so grant consider yourself flattered.

here’s a list of bloggers that i would like to meet, drink some coffee or eat some cane’s with, go fly fishing with, and/or basically hang out with for an afternoon.

  • grant english – reading his blog is kind of freaky because we seem to agree on so much and we even have a connection from the past – his sister was in the church where i first started my experiment in youth ministry.
  • ian mcdonald – pam and i are planning on going back to england some time in the next few years and when we do i have got to meet ian. his blog is great. on top of that i want to see his shed.
  • jonny baker – again when pam and i go to england (years from now) visit with jonny baker is a must. i wonder how he’ll feel about a strange american just showing up at his house for supper?
  • shane yancey – shane is a youth minister in eufaula, alabama (about 45 minutes away from where i grew up in dothan) and i really like reading about the stuff he is doing at his church. if we ever would make it over to see my wife’s sister in dothan it shouldn’t be too hard to meet him. of course, i haven’t been to dothan in 9 years so i don’t see it happening soon.
  • ty siscoe – it’s a flickr thing.
  • underbunny – again a flickr thing.

of course, there are others that i would also like to meet but those are on the top of the list. i also have a list of bloggers that i have met that i would like to spend more time with – len evans and marko top that list.

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