trying to get back into the groove

i haven’t really been able to focus on blogging since getting back from nicaragua. i’m not sure why. anyway i’m really just typing here to get back into the habit.

i have an update for those who have discussed some plans for helping within the the dump in diriamba (for you who don’t know this there are over 200 kids who live in the dump in diriamba with their families probably totalling around 500 people). our church set up a feeding program within the dump but some of us are dealing with other plans for helping the inidividuals who live within the dump get out of that situation). i have started the emailing process of getting information on teaching the kids to make sandals out of used tires (easily found within the dump) that could then be sold in nicaragua and the states. after a few emails i finally found the person who started this same process in haiti but i haven’t received a response from him yet. i also have been corresponding with claudia baltadonna concerning collecting bowls for the kids in the dump. we’ll probably start collecting bowls at “the view.”

btw, sergio and al velasquez are back in town from venezuela. i spoke with them on the phone earlier today.

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