chris & leeann

monday one of the guys who i basically grew up with (one of my best friends throughout high school and college) placed the following comment on this blog:

Robert, I can’t figure out how to send you an email directly, so I thought I’d try this instead! Besides, the more people that see this, the better. My wife, LeeAnn, had a massive heart attack 9 days ago. She’s battling for her life right now. I truly believe that God is going to heal her, but that doesn’t stop me from praying and seeking the prayers of others. As I was walking the streets of Birmingham on my way to visit her at UAB hospital, the Lord gave me an interesting thought. Everyone who has visited us at the hospital is having to walk a lot of miles, because this hospital is just amazingly huge. And I thought, wow, everybody’s hearts are certainly healthier because of this. And then I realized that it is everyone’s spiritual hearts that are being even more radically affected as a result of LeeAnn’s sick heart. Because many people around here, including me, have become dramatically closer to God in the last 9 days. And it’s neat, despite the pain we’re all in, to see God work. Anyway, brother, we are in need of your prayers. Chris Moore

since then pam and i have been continuing to contact chris and have gotten our brothers and sisters at parkview to start praying for chris, leeann and their kids. some of you have been a part of praying for them and some of you are continuing to pray for them.

so i thought i would spread a little good news. last night they took the balloon pump out of her heart to see if it could function on its own. it has done wonderfully. it is actually functioning without the pump at the same level that it did with the pump. there are still several other hurdle to jump over so please keep praying but it’s nice to report one exciting thing.

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