crud war

the food#5
last night was “crud war” which is something i look forward to every year. “crud war” would be called a food fight if anything we used was actually edible. of course, what we use is by no means edible. instead of wasting new food i ask everyone to bring all the food that has been rotting in their refrigerators and pantries. people bring more mess than you would ever believe. this year we had one family bring crayfish that had been in their frig since april (that’s four months people) and another family brought three week old spaghetti.

two years ago i announced in church during worship that we needed food for “crud war” and i was presently surprised the next day when i received a “prayer request” form that had been turned in sunday. it said this:

with all the people starving in our state you still find time to waste food. now that’s religion!

pretty typical. thankfully i was able to get my pastor to make the following statement the next sunday.

the youth ministry held it’s annual “crud war” this past week. for those who don’t know it the “crud war” is done with rotting food that is donated, except for one bag of flour and one bag of rice. robert said if you were worried about any of this food being wasted when it could be eaten by people who are starving then you are welcome to come eat it. i don’t think you’ll find it very appealing.

i haven’t heard a complaint since then.

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