d50 report #1

just thought i would let y’all know that i have not received my nikon d50 yet.

the step for today was setting a temporary shipping address on my visa/debit card so that it would allow cameta camera to ship the camera to our church. after a long time on hold, and a long discussion with one of the regions bank employees i was able to temporarily change the shipping address on my visa check card. now cameta can shipp the d50 to me.

i know that all of you are sitting on pins and needles waiting for me to finally acquire this camera. therefore i will keep you updated whenver possible.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE – there is now a “pending” charge on my checking account for the amount of my camera. this charge will change from “pending” to an actual charge once they ship the camera. it means i’m just that much closer top the dream. of course, it also means i am that much closer to “buyer’s remorse.” this time period between placing the order and actually receiving the camera is the best part of the whole process. at least i have 10 days of joy.

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  1. i like your pentax ist too but the nikon kept pulling at my heart. if the canon was a little cheaper i may have ended up going that way. i have a tendency to stick with the “big boys.” just like electric guitars – it’s fender or gibson for me even though there are excellent brands that aren’t the big ones. i’m too much of a whimp to get one of the other brands.

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